Demons in the dark.

Harrowing through sins forgiven, half-forgotten. Cursing her conscience, it whispers her name. Mocking feigned countenance, her facade of strength. Jeering her crumbling mind, crowning her insane. Dreaming of things never to be, awake in bed, Wondering how a million memories fit into her head. Nay, I’ll put my guns down today, Pandora’s box can waitContinue reading “Demons in the dark.”


Between peaceful interlude and inescapable anguish Between tumultuous silence and hushed babble, A dream, a dwam, a desperate plea for a wish Fathering faith in an unfathomable fable   I dream of a cottage in a grassy place With a white picket fence to meet Earth’s embrace Unblemished white daisies tucked in emerald green grassContinue reading “Lakehouse”