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Demons in the dark.

Harrowing through sins forgiven, half-forgotten.

Cursing her conscience, it whispers her name.

Mocking feigned countenance, her facade of strength.

Jeering her crumbling mind, crowning her insane.

Dreaming of things never to be, awake in bed,

Wondering how a million memories fit into her head.

Nay, I’ll put my guns down today,

Pandora’s box can wait another day.

Poetry Uncategorized


Between peaceful interlude and inescapable anguish

Between tumultuous silence and hushed babble,

A dream, a dwam, a desperate plea for a wish

Fathering faith in an unfathomable fable


I dream of a cottage in a grassy place

With a white picket fence to meet Earth’s embrace

Unblemished white daisies tucked in emerald green grass

With mirth and rapture and cheer amass.


A sanctuary of peace, of eternal bliss,

With melancholy and despair and sorrow amiss

Devoid of care and the battle within

Not forced to ponder on virtue or sin.


I’ll sit on that rickety bridge, with Hardy in hand,

And watch it span across the lake to a distant land,

For in my mind, my sanctum ends there

The mirage of colors, the sweet summer air.


And as the hues of dusk descend upon that haven

She’ll blush with beauty not known to men

Mirroring the depth of thoughts unbidden

And blissful chimera of sky embracing heaven


Entrancing me thus, that velvet sky,

An eternal beauty, I won’t deny.

This is my dream, forever and always,

But I’ll walk on beyond that bridge, one of these days.