Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine – Why you should read this today.


I’ve dealt with depression, back in the day. And I’m sure at least 75 % of you out there would’ve found yourself in a soul squeezing bottomless pit of loathing and feeling like crap that you couldn’t get out of. Regardless, mental health isn’t taken as seriously at should be – even today. I personally know a lot of people who laugh it off when the somehow come to the understanding that you’re in depression.

Gail Honeyman, tells us Eleanor’s story in such a witty manner, you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Synopsis – Eleanor is an oddball, you know that one person who’s way too weird to be not ridiculed. She keeps to herself, is outwardly rude when people ask her questions and for want of social manners despite her own delusion that others lack social etiquette. Having had a traumatic childhood and not much of personal connections throughout her life, Eleanor is unable to cultivate relationships of any sort with her colleagues or anyone else for that matter. All of this changes when she meets someone new at work, who she instantly dislikes, finds utterly incorrigible and can’t stand. Having made a new acquaintance, she finds herself pushing boundaries, gnawing at ropes she’s tied around her well protected life and finally dealing with a past she’s suppressed to the point of insanity.

While this above doesn’t do justice to what the author has written, this book is perfect. It’s not too dark, not boring for a bit and right where ever you feel sad for Eleanor, Honeyman’s humorous prose rescues. This book is what you could call, ‘real’ – nothing less.

Amid a wonderfully joyous read, you’ll find strength and courage.

Picture credits – Pinterest

By Faltering on cloud nine.

Find me a book with killer humor and you’re my new best friend.

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